Services Offered to Partners & Members


Specialized pilots in ice, gas, and ore harvesting operations with perfect fleet boosts and maximum reprocessing yields.


Specializing in transportation from hubs to low security markets and staging systems. Jump Freight, Standard Freight, and Deep Space Transport and Blockade running available.


Stocking markets within the Caldari-Gallente faction warfare low security space.


Production of ammunition, ships, modules, and rigs commonly used and consumed within Faction Warfare space. Our teams are also experienced with capital ship and Citadel manufacturing, built to order.


Blueprint material and production research, blueprint copies, and T2 invention activities.

Planetary Interaction

Customs Office Management with favorable tax rates to partner organizations and members. Our teams also mass produce processed materials for export and have factory planets generating the refined, specialized, and advanced commodities required for your high-end manufacturing jobs.

Leadership Team

Member Benefits

Member entities of The Atlantis Group's network get access to the following benefits and services:

Fleet Boosts (PVP Links & Mining Links) Jump Freighter Services & Logistics Stocked Market Items at Cost+5% Customs Office Tax Rates set at 2.5% Materials & PI Buy-Back Program Back-Up Teamspeak Servers

Partner Entities

Astrum Astronautics Incorporated
Democratic Republic of Tarakia
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